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I got my start as a fanfiction writer. I would always borrow worlds. I have loved the fanfiction community for decades and am still proudly a part of it. I would post a chapter after hours of work and just wait for the email alerts to go out and the reviews to roll in. Yes, I would think as I read their thoughts, I am very funny. Yes, it is heartbreaking. Thanks, readers.

But something that had always seemed tremendously scary to me was the idea of building my own world. Where would I even start? Which bricks would I place first for the foundations? What if it wasn’t believable? The complexity of what I would need to make was overwhelming.

Building out Waypoint and creating my very own characters was a unique and wonderful experience. Having a co-author to share that wonder and the burden with made everything seem more possible. I think that it was truly the best way I could have entered this new branch of writing.

Have you ever read a story that had you in tears? That made your chest ache and made you sob? These are my favorite stories. Words that make you lie in bed all day, turning page after page, and just feeling.

I would love to say that’s how I write. To some extent, I know that it’s true. Too many people have reviewed a fanfiction and told me they were in tears, or that they woke their significant others up at 3AM from laughing too loudly at one of my zingers (Hey-oh!). But other than in the fanfiction community, I am largely untested. So, as you read Waypoint, I’d ask that you reach out and tell me what you think (good or bad). I want to lead you on a journey that has ups and downs, laughter and tears. I’d love to hear from any and all of you.


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